Contract Negotiation

Having a qualified Lawyer negotiate your contract will ensure you get the best advice on the deal you deserve

Personal Brand Building

We work to build your personal brand on and off the field, ensuring Authenticity and a loyal base of fans  

Career Planning

Sports careers can be fleeting, so we start planning from day one to maximise your sporting & post sporting career 

Sponsorship & Endorsement Deals

We work with our Athletes & Companies to source deals that are an Authentic fit & provide return on investment

Injury Management

Your physical & mental health is our priority. Our team of sports specific health professionals are a phone call away

Legal Advice & Financial Planning

Working with a team of Lawyers, Accountants, and Financial Planners, we help map out your financial future

is about being true to who you are,
even when everyone around you wants you to be someone else"

Michael Jordan


REPT, short for REPRESENTED, has an expert team of in house and external professionals, across a range of specialisations

We passionately showcase our Athletes talent to maximise their success on and off the sporting field

Representing Female Athletes, Male Athletes, and Coaches across AFL, AFLW, Cricket, Football, NRL, NRLW, Rugby Union, and other Elite Sports, we strive to deliver the right advice and assistance, at the right time, in our clients careers

The REPT Team

Athlete Scout
Financial Planner
Social Media Coach
Sports Physio
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sports Psychologist
Live Media Trainer

Stefan Livingston

Lawyer & Agent

  • Masters Degree in Sports Management and Juris Doctor (Graduate Law Degree)

  • Admitted as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW

  • FIFA Accredited Football Agent, AFL Accredited Player Agent, Cricket Accredited Player Agent, NRL Accredited Player Agent, and Rugby Union Accredited Player Agent

  • WIth a long career specialising in building relationships and contract negotiations in the commercial property space, Stefan excells in finding the best deal for his clients

  • Working with sports and corporate clients from a young age, Stefan has a lifetime of experience and contacts when it comes to endorsement and sponsorship deals

  • Understanding the pressure and commitment required from a very young age, Stefan works with Athletes to maximise earning potential, focus on wellbeing, connect with families, and plan their professional sporting and post sporting careers


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